I was impressed at not only Timberland’s stick-to-itiveness, but also the attention to detail and quality of work of the finished product.
– Thomas C. Dube, Senior Project Manager


With our team of experienced subcontractors and employees, we’re able to offer you a wide range of commercial and residential services all throughout the state of Maine. Call us at 207-856-1247 to discuss your project.


We offer interior and exterior metal framing, drywall, thermal and sound insulation, sheathing, suspended ceilings, EIFS, and more. Our foremen have several years of experience in the construction industry and each is highly effective in managing a project and its manpower. We strive to produce timely and exceptional results each and every time.


We understand the level of quality and service expected when it comes to your home. That is why we have a team of drywallers that work exclusively on our residential projects. Not only can we do standard drywall, but consider also decorative accents such as textured ceilings, bullnose corners and more.

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Safety first!

At Timberland Drywall we take job safety seriously. We strictly enforce our safety program that requires all our supervisors to enroll in an OSHA Construction Certificate Course. This course teaches our supervisors to effectively implement the OSHA standards on our work sites and to make the jobs safer and more efficient for everyone. All supervisors and employees are also provided with up-to-date education on workplace safety and our supervisors hold daily “Job Box” meetings on site.